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Orlando is popular all year round, with January as the coldest month, with an average low of approx. 50°F (10°C) and high around 70°F (22°C). July and August are the most hot and humid, with highs around 90°F (33°C), 95% humidity and frequent downpours. Mid-summer is when kids from UK and Europe are out of school for summer vacation, which leads to long, hot & sticky queues at the theme parks! Early autumn gives the best balance of weather. In autumn and winter, the parks tend to be much quieter, barring the odd USA holiday period, but they also have shorter opening hours too. As far as accommodation, the cheapest time to visit is from early November to April except for the most expensive period during the Christmas and Easter holiday periods. Whatever time of year it is, but especially during the summer, prepare your trips and carry LOTS of bottled water.

Weather information, i.e. temperatures and precipitation etc., can be found in the linked tables below:

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Orlando Weather (Excel)

Orlando Weather (Adobe)

More detailed information can be found on the Weather Underground website for the Kissimmee area - the banner (if visible) shows current weather conditions - click for more detail (our home is Zip code FL 34747) or on the link to the right:

Click for Kissimmee, Florida Forecast

Kissimmee, Florida

This website will also give historical weather charts, by day, week or month for an insight into typical weather either recently or over the years.


DRIVING tips for UK visitors

- Driving is on the RIGHT
- Always carry your driving license and rental agreement with you.
- You may turn right on a red traffic light after coming to a stop, unless otherwise indicated
- Should it rain you must switch on your lights and windscreen wipers.
- Seat belts must be worn at all times.
- Keep loose change in the car for tolls (multiples of 25 cents to about $3 max.), noting that manned toll booths will take bills.
- Junctions are not always signed in advance with count down markers as in the UK.
- Speed limits vary with little warning and with no reminder. Pay careful attention to signs.
- All accidents must be reported to the police and your car hire firm.
- DO NOT PASS a School bus when stopped in EITHER direction.

- Florida Slow Down and Move Over Law: As you approach emergency vehicles you are required by law to move out of the lane closest to the emergency vehicle and slow down.
- Petrol (Gas) stations are numerous within the Orlando area, petrol is still relatively cheap (about $2.30 / £1.50 a US gallon*). Fill up in Orlando area if driving out "of the city" as gas stations become more scarce further out and potentially much more expensive.
- When filling up with fuel, most pumps accept credit cards, although some require a US ZIP code to approve!.  After removing the fuel nozzle from itís holder, you may have to flip down a bar on the cradle to activate the pump. You may also need to select payment method at the pump, where pre-pay in the kiosk is a common requirement, before the pump can be started.

* Latest Gas prices in the Orlando area can be found here: 




More details on Florida Traffic Law can be found here:




Last Updated: Sunday 19th July 2009